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Wealth RPG Tap

Developer: Bauer-Live
0.99 usd

Wealth RPG TapBuild your empire and make your story as God. In this game, there are money management and a fascinating simulation of your world. Start with no capital and become a millionaire. With different terminal You create your own gold, wertest this and are creating new ways of earning gold.
Create your own gold factories and find randomly appearing treasures. Defeat creatures and conjure powerful storms. Locke settlers and campers in your country and earn the taxpayers' money. In order to collect higher taxes, build a culture and give the residents of your country with the necessary comfort.Once you have reached your goal, you can restart in a new area with more powerful creatures and a lucrative gold bonus. Out in this way all available worlds.
Game features:• The game does not have any InApp Purchases.• It is completely ad-free.• Easy to use, intuitive control the game and an addictive game.• About 220 upgrade versions are available.• Several Scores are possible, so that different players can play on your phone.• games offline to waste without any data volume.• Optimized for many devices including the latest smartphones / tablets.Game (ingame) in German language
To test the game, use the Lite version. After the return time in PlayStore a refund is no longer possible.I am constantly working to improve the game and to expand. Diving problems, please contact me before leaving a negative review, so I can improve the game. Gladly I am also building your ideas into the game with.There is also more information about "Wealth RPG Tap" under
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